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About Us

Who We Are

Creative Concrete Corporation is a full service concrete and masonry company, offering demolition, excavation, concrete and masonry work for residential and commercial projects. Evan Landry and Fritz von Schlegell formed Creative Concrete Corporation in 2007. Prior to starting the firm they spent five years as partners in Creative Masonry. Before joining forces, they each owned their own masonry companies and have over 70 years of combined construction experience. 

What We Do

  • Foundations, basements, structural walls – including retaining walls, piles, grade beams, caissons and hillside foundations
  • Subterranean shoring, excavation, grading, compaction
  • Architectural finish concrete, phenolic, board form, custom finishes and mix designs
  • Drainage, retention systems, infiltration pits
  • Demolition
  • Finish hardscape/masonry

Why Choose Us?

Creative Concrete prides itself on quality workmanship and a strong work ethic, which translates into professional working relationships with general contractors, other sub-contractors, homeowners, architects, structural engineers and designers. Fritz and Evan have a strong understanding of both architectural and structural engineered plans and are able to communicate well with both groups. 

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Send us a message or call us for a quote. All inquiries will be responded to within a timely manner. 

Creative Concrete Corporation

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